100% Full Drill - Custom Diamond Painting Kit-Forever Young™-Horizontal 40×30cm (15.7″×11.8″)-Square-FY-DIY-Diamond-Painting
100% Full Drill - Custom Diamond Painting Kit-Forever Young™-Horizontal 40×30cm (15.7″×11.8″)-Square-FY-DIY-Diamond-Painting
100% Full Drill - Custom Diamond Painting Kit-Forever Young™-Horizontal 40×30cm (15.7″×11.8″)-Square-FY-DIY-Diamond-Painting

Customized Diamond Painting Kit - Full Drill

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Customer Reviews

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Amelia King

This diamond painting is beautiful and fun to work on. The canvas and diamonds are high quality.

James Anderson

I'm thrilled with my custom diamond painting. The drills were easy to place and the image looks so clear. Will definitely order again.

William Brown

The quality of this custom diamond painting exceeded my expectations. The square drills and vibrant colors made it look incredible. Very satisfied!


Stunning diamond painting! The details are perfect and it captures my dog's likeness so well. Great quality!


Absolutely loved this custom diamond painting! The square drills fit perfectly and the colors are vibrant. It was so fun to make and looks amazing on my wall.

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Customized diamond painting

How to Pick the Perfect Photo

To ensure a stunning Diamond Painting Kit, consider the following when selecting your photo:

✔ High Quality (Large and Clear)
✔ Well-lit (Avoid excessive shadows)
✔ Properly Cropped (Match the

canvas size to the image dimensions)

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Everything you need is included

How To Get Started

Unpack the diamond painting kit and lay out all the materials on a flat surface.

Using the color list as a reference, locate the corresponding symbol you want to start with in the center of the canvas.

Peel back a small section of the protective film on the canvas to expose the adhesive surface.

Tip: Be careful not to peel off all the partial film at once to avoid the adhesive getting dirty and losing its stickiness

Find the diamond bag with the same symbol as the canvas.

Pour some of the diamond drills into the tray provided. Shake the tray gently until the drills are facing upwards.

Tip: Store any leftover diamond drills for future use.

Fill the pen with wax.

Use the diamond pen to pick up a diamond drill.

Place the drills onto their corresponding positions on the canvas until the painting is completed.