Glow in the dark diamond painting drills are a type of diamond-shaped bead used in diamond painting kits that have a special feature of being able to glow in the dark. These drills are made from a type of resin material that can absorb and store light energy when exposed to light.

Once charged, the drills will emit a faint glow in low-light or dark conditions, creating an extra special effect in your diamond painting. This is particularly popular for designs that feature night scenes, stars, or other celestial objects, as the glow in the dark feature can add an extra level of realism to the finished product.

It's important to note that the glow in the dark effect is not permanent and will fade over time, so it's best to display your finished diamond painting in a well-lit area during the day to keep the drills charged and glowing at night. Additionally, glow in the dark diamond painting drills can be a bit more expensive than regular drills, but many people find that the unique effect is worth the extra cost.