Diamond Painting Lover Influence Program

Dear Influencer: 
I hope this letter finds you well. We are reaching out to you as a brand of diamond painting producer, and we are thrilled to introduce our exclusive collaboration initiative – the "Diamond Painting Lover Influence Program."
About Us:
We are the proud owners of our brand factory, operating under the brand name "Foreveryoung." with a rich history of ten years in the diamond painting manufacturing industry. Before 2022, our focus was primarily on B2B transactions. During this time, we identified a gap in the market where sellers were primarily offering paintings, overlooking the fact that buyers also had a demand for purchasing high-quality diamonds. This realization led us to venture into the direct-to-consumer space. In early 2022, we launched our store on Amazon. We offer premium drills &accessories for buyers.
Witnessing some sellers compromise on product quality to cut costs, selling subpar products at inflated prices to diamond painting enthusiasts, we were motivated to make a difference. We believe it's high time to establish a diamond painting store committed to superior quality. Our promise is to deliver exceptional diamond products and outstanding services. We are dedicated to developing even more intriguing products for our customers. Therefore, we invite influencers passionate about diamond painting to join us in this exciting venture.
Visit our official website: https://foreveryoungdiy.com
our Amazon store: https://www.amazon.com/foreveryoung. These platforms serve as our official sales channels.
Next, I would like to introduce the cooperation process of the whole diamond painting lover influence program:

Stage 1: Preparation Phase:

  1. Contacting Us:
    1. Whatsapp: foreveryoungdiy
  2. Proactive Contact:
    1. We will send you collaboration invitations and detailed information via TikTok, Facebook, or email etc.
  3. Q&A Session:
    1. We are open to answering any queries you may have about the collaboration. Feel free to consult with us.
  4. Account Evaluation:
    1. We will review your account to ensure it aligns with our requirements, confirming mutual interest in collaboration.

Stage 2: Confirmation of Collaboration:

  1. Confirmation of Your Exclusive Discount Code:
      1. You will receive a personalized discount code to share with your followers. The discount value and usage dates will be communicated based on our operational plan.
    Please refer to this link for details➡Diamond Painting Lovers Influence Program Supplementary Notes
    Please refer to this link for how to use discount code➡The way of using discount code
  2. 20% Permanent Discount:
    1. Enjoy an everlasting 20% discount on any product purchased from our independent website. Please contact us before making a purchase to obtain your exclusive discount code.
  3. Additional Collaboration Opportunities:
    1. We welcome any other collaboration ideas you may have. For example, we are open to imprinting your social media handle on diamond painting canvases or conveying special messages to your followers.

Stage 3: Sales Commission:

  1. Payment Method:
    1. We use PayPal for commission payments. Provide your account details, full name, and email. Please note that there will be a handling fee, which varies based on region and transfer amount, to be covered by you.(Please be aware that depending on the region and the amount transferred, PayPal will deduct a certain transaction fee from the transferred amount. Based on our investigation, PayPal's transaction fee ranges from 5% to 7% of the transfer amount, for specific amounts, please consult https://www.paypal.com. For example, if the transfer amount is $20, and PayPal charges a 5% fee, the fee amount would be $20 multiplied by 5%, equaling $1. Please ensure that you are well-informed about these transaction fees before the collaboration.)
  2. Bill Confirmation:
    1. Before the 10th of each month, we will export bills for your confirmation (monthly payouts).
  3. Commission Calculation and Payment:
    1. Monthly, we will calculate and pay you a 5% commission based on the total actual payment amount using your exclusive discount code. We will provide relevant code screenshots for your confirmation of the final sales amount.
Please refer to this link for the specific commission calculation method ➡Commission calculation method
Thank you for taking the time to explore our collaboration plan. We are excited about the possibility of working together and look forward to co-creating success!
Best regards,
ForeverYoung Team